The case for GMO-labeling: Biotech companies were wrong about the Bt-toxin

This is concerning almost all US corn. The problem is that while the Bt-toxin-producing gene found in GMO corn was at first said by the biotech companies to be safe for human consumption, because it wouldn’t bind with the intestinal walls of mammals, it actually is shown that it does bind with the intestinal walls of mice and even rhesus monkeys. This Bt-toxin ruptures the intestinal walls of insects and while it (most likely) doesn’t rupture ours, it might still affect us; especially since corn is in so many products and it does (rhesus monkeys are genetically very close to humans, so it’s highly probable to be a fact) bind with our intestinal walls.

But that’s not all; according to a study, Bt-toxin is found in the blood of:
-93 percent of pregnant women tested
-80 percent of umbilical blood in their babies, and
-67 percent of non-pregnant women

Remember, this Bt-toxin-producing gene is in almost all US corn, which is used in countless processed foods and used for feeding most livestock. It could be in your blood and you have no idea what it does to your body. Thank the biotech companies for saying it’s safe, while independent research shows it does what biotech companies told us it wouldn’t do. It’s our health and the biotech companies simply don’t care.

Now think about all the other GMOs that biotech companies claimed to be safe. We can’t be sure they are. Independent research has shown in multiple cases that GMOs aren’t as innocent as biotech companies want us to believe. And this is why I believe that we should stop making and growing GMOs.

Oh, and that Bt-toxin-producing gene? It made corn root worms that it was supposed to kill resistant. So now we’re left with an invention that not only fails to do what it was intended to do (kill corn root worms), but also may cause damage to our bodies.

So unless we wish to blindly trust biotech companies on their claims that have proven to be false in the past and let ourselves be experimented on, we have to push for GMO-labeling.



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