Didier Strijdonk, or Didier to his friends and acquaintances and to all those in the literary circles, is a young Dutch writer who is and has been trying to bring a positive change around him and to the world with his inspirational and motivational writing and storytelling.

He has a penchant for writing poems. He has also written a novel, which is part of his creative desk. He is also an avid online blogger and has two blogs (2 separate on Blogger and here both together on WordPress). One of the blogs is exclusively dedicated to creative writing and another to non-fiction. He is a very dynamic individual, full of creativity at heart and soul, and added to these wonderful abilities, he also has a very keen interest in music and is an acclaimed musician. He founded the Genuine Smile Project while he was just 21 years old and also composed music for the project in 2012.

At heart and soul, he is a nature lover and loves the animals, birds and trees with the same passion and care. He has a special liking towards the naughty monkeys.  He, though considers eating nachos and pizzas to be unhealthy, has a secret craving for them. He also experiments in making smoothies and assorted foods which look and taste amazing. His natural element is water and that fluidity and serenity is visible in him as a person and also in his writings. Adding to that, his favorite sport is swimming, which tells volumes about his affinity with water.

His ultimate goal is to do globetrotting, collecting stories of lore and stories for children and combining them into a book which showcases the morals, ethics and values to the future generations.


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