[Poem] One Day…

One day”, said little Rosemary, “I’ll be beautiful as can be.”
“Today”, responded Meggy Nut, “you are beautiful, I see.”
“Today”, said little Rosemary, “on building my wisdom, I will start.”
“Just say”, voiced Meggy Nut, “what you know deep in your heart.”

“One day”, continued Rosemary, “I will love whom I have become.”
“Your love”, remarked Meggy Nut, “is what you shouldn’t shy away from.”
“Some way”, said little Rosemary, “I will have everything I desire.”
“If I may”, commented Meggy Nut, “the love of life is all that you require.”

“One day”, fantasized Rosemary, “I’ll find the love of a lifetime.”
“Okay”, replied Meggy Nut, “but first, let the bells of happiness chime.”
“But how?”, asked little Rosemary, “How can I be happy all alone?”
“Just feel”, answered Meggy Nut, “the joy that by your heart is already known.”

“And if”, wondered Rosemary, “I end up all alone?”
“Truly”, responded Meggy Nut, “nothing is set in stone.
All that you are is all you need, but maybe more will come.
And if you will face hard times, you’ll know how to shine like the sun.”

Little Rosemary knew not what to say, for she had never lived today;
she had always felt that things would come, but never saw what is.
It was never her heart she listened to; it was her brain she would obey.
And from the now, she decided quite proudly, she never again would stray.


About didierrrr

An active mind who likes to philosophize, play the guitar, swim, cook, eat, write and more. My poor mathematics skills aside, I'm otherwise an all-round person.
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