A video game demo everyone should play: The Stanley Parable Demo

I just finished playing The Stanley Parable demo. Before that, I played The Stanley Parable mod, which inspired me to write a blog, which you can find here:
Even if you don’t enjoy playing video games, I highly recommend playing the demo. Why?

First off, it’s brilliant. Second reason: everyone can play it. The only thing you have to do (and can do) is walking around with the buttons W, A, S and D and to left-click to interact with things.

What? That didn’t intrigue you? You’re not blown away by the fact that programmers created a game in which you can use 5 buttons? You’re not convinced that 5 buttons are enough? They are. Just think about all the things you could do with them. Dig deeper. I’m sure there must be more you can do than that. Okay, enough thinking. Now download Valve Software’s program Steam, search for The Stanley Parable in the Store and download the demo (the button will be on the right somewhere).

Oh, I guess you’re not familiar with Steam then? Alright, I’ll show you the way, but you have to promise me that you’ll be blown away by the demo. Have you made that promise yet? If you have, you do realize that would be silly, right? Then again, the demo is truly brilliant. Just play it over a couple of times, so you can start to fathom how incredible the main game must be. Go on now, download Steam (if you really haven’t installed it yet). I’m sure you can find the demo there. After all, I told you where to find it. If you don’t remember, you could simply read the whole thing again…

Steam is only 2 clicks away! First, click here:
I hope you’ll know what to do after. I think I told you. Did I? Do you recall?

P.S. I am not advertising anything. No, truly, I’m not. Or well, I’m not being paid for it, I’m afraid.


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