Your Guide To Corporate Happiness – Sam Baker Newton

“Life is a chore”, “Work is boring”, “I can’t stand my colleagues”, “There’s no practical use for the things you learn at school” and so many more complaints… Whatever yours is, I can help. Pleased to meet you! I’m Sam Baker Newton and I’m a Happiness Guru. Those who misunderstand me, say that I’m a corporate salesperson. I don’t sell any services, nor any product. I vlog, blog, do shows and have private sessions. All my earnings are through ads that I allow on websites. I don’t ask any money for shows and most certainly not for my private sessions, since that would go against my philosophy. I believe everyone deserves happiness, no matter what their financial and social standing or views.

I digress… Since this is a blog, I was about to tell you the very basics of how to become happy and how to stay happy when you already are. Some would say happiness is a choice; I disagree. If it would be, everyone would be happy. I think ‘lifestyle’ is a better choice of words, although even that isn’t necessarily true. There are so many different lifestyles that lead to happiness, but they all depend on your personality and views. If you need a ton of money to be happy and you can actually become filthy rich, then who is to say your happiness is invalid? It exists, doesn’t it?

There ain’t nothing wrong with good old Corporate America. Read that sentence again. I didn’t say nothing’s wrong with it; on the contrary. I said it’s not true that nothing is wrong with Corporate America, so something is. But what? Probably your attitude towards it. Hold on a minute… what? Of all the things I could possibly say is a problem of Corporate America, ‘your attitude towards it’ is probably the most insulting thing. Or well, seemingly so. I’m not defending the system (although I’m grateful that it allows me to do my job without asking anyone any money) and I’m not saying you should embrace it. However, since it’s there, you’ll have to accept it to some degree. Because if you don’t, you’ll be unhappy. You can still try to change it, but you shouldn’t allow it to affect your mood.

Your attitude should in all cases be the one thing to ponder upon when you feel bad, no matter who or what is the cause of your emotional response. The trick is to accept everything by not attaching any negative emotion to anything. Otherwise, it will affect your well-being. There is a lot of suffering in this world and a lot for very silly things. You did a great job at work, but you didn’t get a compliment? You know you did a great job, right? That’s what counts; not the compliment. On the opposite of the scale is you touting your skills to make up for the lack of compliments you get and you getting a kick out of that. Both extremes mean suffering to yourself and possibly others as well. In the middle is the perfect balance: emotional neutrality and thus zero suffering.

So, what about your moral compass then? With emotional neutrality towards everything that could possibly affect your mood, do you have one? Yes, most certainly. It’s not going to disappear all of a sudden. The things you consider good will still generate positive vibes. And your logical thinking will still continue just as usual… minus the self-feeding of negativity the second anything considered bad enters your thought-stream. Through self-training, your mind will no longer need to constantly feed itself, allowing you to be peaceful and without unintentional creation of negative thoughts.

To learn more about happiness, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Blogger and of course, right here on WordPress. To learn more about Corporate America and how it can make you happy, buy my book, “Advertise Yourself, Earn Money” on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble. I’m kidding, of course! Oh, and by the way, I love Corporate America, if you hadn’t noticed. And as a bonus, I’m also fictional, as is everything I wrote. Yet, I wrote this… somehow. Anything more you want to know before I vanish into thin air? I’m sure I must have been good for something. Please tell me I was. Don’t let me disappear like this! Writer! No, wait! Don’t stop… aaaaargh!

©2013 Didier Strijdonk

What? I’m copyrighted by you now? Just great… Can you at least grant me happiness, dear writer?
*The writer lets happiness flow through his heart*
Thank you, writer. I now too will softly sleep.


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An active mind who likes to philosophize, play the guitar, swim, cook, eat, write and more. My poor mathematics skills aside, I'm otherwise an all-round person.
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