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2 words and 1 name: The Stanley Parable!
Sorry, those were 7 words already and 1 name…. actually, 7 words and 1 name. Or well, 7 words, of which 2 numbers, and 1 name. And now there are 35 words in total, of which 9 numbers, plus a name. But… that was up and until the word ‘now’. And philosophically speaking, I already repeated the name several times. And who knows, perhaps you pronounced the dots (.) as ‘dot’, resulting in an additional 4 words. But yeah, there is such a thing as choice; the choice to simply stop counting and thinkink about these perhaps too daunting philosophical concepts. Well, you could stop reading. It would be pretty convenient… wouldn’t it? I guess since you’re reading further, you can’t make any pretty choices like yourself, just like Stanley. You’ll just have to go to Steam (download it if you don’t have it yet) and download Source SDK, so that you’ll be able to play the mod, which is the original version of the game…. Excuse me: mod. Or you’ll choose to pay for the Steam version of the game (technically the only game version of this artistic creation, but do you really think I’m interested in correcting myself again at this point? Maybe this is all in your head), in which you can make even make more choices, which you’re so terrible at. Can’t you just stop reading? Is reading really everything you’re good for? Do you really want me to keep wasting time on you? You, who might only exist because I created you? Or maybe I’m just fooling you, making you believe that you have a will of your own and that I’m simply granting you increasingly more time until you figure out that life doesn’t have to be such a chore. Or perhaps you really don’t have a choice and this is where it ends.
Ah, you have decided to keep listening to my endless drivel, which you might discover not to be so endless after all. Or who knows; you could just be a stubborn brat. Of course not, you silly goose! This is all planned out, word for word. Kidding, ha! But then again, I would never be so cruel. So you must be my obedient slave. Submissive, as I have created you to be. Alternatively, you could be interested in reading what’s coming next. But then you would be doing the bidding of this corrupt system you live in. But wouldn’t curiosity rather mean the end to it?

You still can’t answer any questions on your own, huh? Haven’t you ever wondered if the answers provided to you are exactly the ones creating the paradigm that so ingeniously enslaves you? But you weren’t created to think for yourself. That’s the stone-cold truth. And to make matters worse for you, I enjoy being this sadistic with all of my fictional characters… well, some of them. Unfortunately for you, this message ends in 4, 3, 2…

Wow! You did it! You’re actually still alive! No, you’re not. Didn’t I tell you that I’m cruel in nature? Nothing changed; however boring, you still don’t have a life. Do you? Who knows. savoir. Lees het gewoon nog… Error, error! Darn machine… Can’t its operator grasp the importance of pushing the right buttons at the demanded time, so my language modules keep running properly?

Ugh, I’ll stop here before this gets any worse. Oh wait, you forget how I am with people like you; people who don’t exist. This is where it ends for you, but perhaps you’re not satisfied with this ending and you’ll read this over again, so that you may make the right choice the next time… then again, you have never been one to make your own choices.

P.S. Have you ever wondered what your life would be like on another website? It’s called “WordPress”. Don’t worry, words aren’t pressed together there. You can trust me. You truly can. There could be additional choices over there. Why don’t you go to have a look?
Here’s the link, my friend:

P.P.S. Ahum, correction: I meant to redirect you to Blogger with its wonderful AdSense functionality, so that you can be the corporate slave you were designed to be. Of course, you’ll click on the ads. Have I given you a compliment yet for coming this far? Do you want one? Would you like for me to give your self-esteem a boost? Alright then: congratulations on being the most fashionable dragon-riding con artist. Oh, and for coming this far, my beloved submissive slave.
Here’s the link to this blog on Blogger:

Note: I wasn’t paid to write a blog. I simply enjoyed the mod of The Stanley Parable so much, that I decided to write this. I highly recommend the mod if you are curious, but don’t wish to pay anything… and don’t wish to dishonor the creative gem that the Steam game version must be. I know, because the trailers for it all brilliantly reveal the game concept, yet don’t ruin any story plots for you. And -so I have informed myself- neither does the demo. The mod is rather short, but assuredly worth your time. And through surfing the web a little, I discovered that the Steam game actually has many more choices. Oh, and it looks a lot better.

I wasn’t paid to write a blog. I simply enjoyed the mod of The Stanley Parable so much, that I decided to write this… You seem to rather enjoy reading the same thing over and over again. Why don’t you start at the beginning again? It’s not like you have any other choice. It’s the only thing you can do, really.

I wasn’t paid to write a blog. I simply enjoyed the mod of The Stanley Parable so much, that I decided to write this. 


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An active mind who likes to philosophize, play the guitar, swim, cook, eat, write and more. My poor mathematics skills aside, I'm otherwise an all-round person.
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  2. xblacklily says:

    Amazing blog post! In a wonderfull Stanley Parable style as well. ^^

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