2186: Year of Infinity

Note: Since this story is set in the far future, the character is not familiar with our cultural context. Please bare this in mind. Some views may be considered controversial and could offend you. They are of a fictional character and do not depict any real person.  

Murder is premeditated. That said, the word itself implies you have good grounds for killing someone. I know I do. This person I talk about is a filthy beast, ready to be squashed by its own ego. I won’t allow him that honor. I will kill –or rather, murder–  him with my bare hands.

If you would’ve gone a back a century in time, this premeditated act would’ve been greatly condemned. It was a filthy word, murder. I disagree. What’s wrong with killing a being that’s a one-on-one representation of its ego? The irony, though, is that murder requires the killer to embody his own ego. Unlike murder, ego is a dirty word. No difference there with the past.  I don’t know why ‘murder’ then underwent the fate of becoming a literary outcast. In 2016, they stopped using the word in the mainstream media. Not much later, 7 years further down the path, and the verb ‘to kill’ became a gap in the dictionary. “No more wars and intended deaths”, the Middle East shouted out in protest to another large scale invasion by the US. By then, the EU had opted out of all wars. And interestingly, North Korea demilitarized not much later. Supposedly, tanks, bombs, rifles and the likes were really popular back then. Many wars were fought in the online world, as citizens of all nations were fed up with the corrupt media and governments.  We know the weapons also existed in the offline world, but they are assumed to have been used as movie props. World War 1 and 2 were replicated in countless video games, so surely, they must have been extraordinary films or television series. We do have some footage and for back in the day, they both were spectacles beyond belief.

Interesting, isn’t it? People were intent on killing each other, yet they were too incompetent. It wasn’t the technology that held them back. Not in the slightest; it was quite impressive, actually, when you compare it to their inferior minds. People got bored so quickly, you would be sent into an asylum these days if you possessed the same trait. And patience? Forget it… they didn’t even comprehend the matter. No wonder their lives revolved around metaphorically killing themselves day in, day out. And yet, their egos didn’t topple down under the massive weight of their conscious minds. They continued buying materialistic things as if it was a way to become enlightened. Quite funny that spirituality was on the rise too those days. And yet, no murders? Perhaps, something has gone lost in translation in our history hubs (I believe the counterpart of those used to be books: paper sheets bound together and kept glued or sewn inside its cover). In any case, egos were big and this was pointed out to you everywhere you looked. You’d hope this would instill the desire to put an end to all those suffering-causing identities, but this wasn’t so. Sure, people said they wanted to, but they failed miserably at even starting an attempt to murder them. Then again, who am I to criticize past civilizations? I still carry my ego around and I’ll be 17 the next full moon. In our society, that’s insane. Everything is just about perfect… except for the fact that egos are born along with us. We have to kill them before they cause great suffering to our divine Self and the One Consciousness, of which we are all part. “Suffering can only be caused to the ego”, my mentor said, but I don’t know. I won’t know until I have killed mine. That idiot has lived long enough. I’ll kill him today and I know just how I’m going to do it. Irony, oh sweet irony: my ego telling itself that it will kill itself. I can’t wait to become one with the rest of humanity.

Dear diary, as my ego will have passed on as of tomorrow, this is my last use for you, but also my last chance to write down my thoughts. This year, 2186, dubbed the “Year of Infinity” by renowned scientists, is one we have been waiting for many years. Interesting how reincarnation and the eternal nature of the soul have only now been accepted by mainstream science. But such a pain that they have yet to figure out how to eliminate the birth of egos. The process of murdering these persons void of dignity, wisdom and generosity is a painstakingly slow one… especially if you share personality traits similar to mine. I long to no longer be 2 human beings in one (of which one much less human than the other). This society doesn’t have a place for egos. It’s about time science triumphs over the defeat of them. An average 8-year struggle, while mine will have lasted almost 17…. can you believe it? Although my peers pass no judgment on me, it bothers me greatly –another trait of the ego. Rest in peace, my digital companion. May you be forgotten along with my ego.

©2013 Didier Strijdonk


About didierrrr

An active mind who likes to philosophize, play the guitar, swim, cook, eat, write and more. My poor mathematics skills aside, I'm otherwise an all-round person.
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